The Lennox | Richmond


Exploring Australia with photographer John Gollings AM

Pantu (Lake Amadeus), Northern Territory. Throughout Gollings' aerial documentation of the environmental destruction wrought by mining companies, he sees the irony of the posing wasted overburden from the mines against traditional and information-rich cultural mappings of Australia's indigenous peoples. His ongoing aerial project to study the Australian landscape furnishes further ironies, with climate change providing plenty of conspicuous traces. Prophetically, [...]


Right across Victoria, at public sites visible to hundreds of thousands of viewers, INTOMISSION presents the work of twelve Australian artists. Contemporary art will occupy large format digital and static billboard infrastructure, engaging new audiences and offering artists new platforms. This non-profit project playfully integrates images of paintings, photographs, drawings and new media art at high-visibility locations, asserting art’s value [...]

Lisa Roet

Art Atlas warmly invites you and a friend to preview a new collection of jewellery by Australian artist LISA ROET.

Marc De Jong – Overlay Paintings

Marc de Jong’s latest works consist of a series of oil paintings which reference the Australian landscape in all its forms, from a homage to Namatjira and the Hermannsburg School (Rivergum) to the familiar urban landscape. de Jong’s paintings appropriate a range of images collected from the internet, television and newspapers and he has referred to his creative output as […]

Travis John Ficarra – The Laws of Hospitality

Exhibition catalogue Travis John is an artist and composer based in Melbourne, Australia working in painting, sound and sculpture.  He holds a BFA Honours from RMIT and a Master of Contemporary Art from the Victorian College of Art. Recently Travis has exhibited at Blindside, BUS projects, Fort Delta and the Arts Centre. He has also performed at events and venues […]

Francisco Tavoni

Francisco Tavoni uses photography as a way to collectively understand the power of affection. He addresses the ego and the generation of identity as a process that can –and furthermore should– occur within the body instead of outside of it, without the predominance of outer patterns. Tavoni sustains it’s in this realm where genuine identity is formed, in the depths […]

National Teacher-Artist Prize 2022 Exhibition

The National Teacher-Artist Prize 2022 is a national contemporary two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) art prize sponsored by Zart.
It aims to encourage, recognise and celebrate the visual arts practice of primary and secondary school educators.

The Lennox Award 2021: Liss Fenwick and Ash Coates

The Lennox – 208 Lennox Street, Richmond Feb 16-26, 2022 As part of the highly successful NotFair Art Fair 2021, NotFair board-member Helen Bogdan offered her own salon-style gallery space, The Lennox, to an artist of her choice to hold an expenses-free exhibition, COVID permitting, in 2022. But she openly admitted to being totally flummoxed at choosing a single artist. [...]

‘In The Shadows’ Lindberg Gallery

Darren Tanny Tan, Travis John Ficarra, Jordy Kerwick, Ryan McGennisken, Ash Coates, Heather Betts, Marc De Jong.

GARN’GINY NOT GRANITE (Moon Dreaming not Granite Mining)

This important exhibition features three generations of the same family of East Kimberley artists – the 89-year-old Mabel Juli – one of Australia’s most revered senior artists, her daughter, 43-year-old Marlene Juli and her 24-year-old granddaughter Atlanta Mercy Umbulgurri.

The National Teacher-Artist Prize 2021 Finalist Exhibition

The National Teacher-Artist Prize is the first art prize in the world for art teachers. An amazing response from all over Australia, saw 520 teachers enter 760 works. After much deliberation from the judges, we were very happy to announce Roxanne Lillis from Mount Carmel Catholic College, Varroville NSW as the winner, for her work, ‘Phoenix Rising #3’.

Tony Irving ‘West Coast (Another Place)’

Melbourne-based painter Tony Irving has been exhibiting his sensitive realist artworks since the mid 1960s. His works are held in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia and the National Gallery of Victoria.

About The Lennox

Photo: John Gollings

A House Haunted… by Art

Ghosts, Gangsters, Artists, Actors, Authors and Musicians have all collided in this magical abode.

A veritable Who’s Who of Melbourne’s cultural characters have collected, at one time or another, at a former pub, now dubbed The Lennox, at Richmond’s 208 Lennox Street.


A major group show curated by Ben Aitken, artist-in-residency held by Robert Kelly. Mark Schaller’s ‘Homage to Hydra’ Julian Cairns becomes the musical director and projects by Helen Bogdan and John Gollings are formulated, and much, much more


Back to the 80s. Ann Holt establishes her studio, The Inevitably, ghost stories haunt buildings of such longevity. “There was a resident ghost at Lennox Street,” artist Ann Holt, who lived there during the 1980s, confirms. “I had seen it coming up the cellar stairs as a ball of white light on several occasions.


Back to the 80s. Ann Holt establishes her studio, The Lennox becomes a second home to the crew filming Dogs in Space and the ROAR artists use the space for an exhibit at the Australian National Gallery


Parties, exhibitions and live music; The Lennox comes alive. Plans for causes and trips were planned, most notably an artists’ journey with Schaller, David Larwill and Peter Walsh, the ongoing Artists For Kids Culture Trust was hatched at the premises. Artist Lisa Roet exhibited, and the famed Skyhooks used the space to record their first reunion song in 1990.


A rich bricolage of art, music and performance. Upcoming exhibitions curated by Ben Aitkens, David Moulday and Ashley Crawford are planned.