The Lennox Award 2021: Liss Fenwick and Ash Coates

The Lennox Award 2021: Liss Fenwick and Ash Coates
16/02/2022 admin
The Lennox – 208 Lennox Street, Richmond
Feb 16-26, 2022

As part of the highly successful NotFair Art Fair 2021, NotFair board-member Helen Bogdan offered her own salon-style gallery space, The Lennox, to an artist of her choice to hold an expenses-free exhibition, COVID permitting, in 2022.

But she openly admitted to being totally flummoxed at choosing a single artist. “There was just so much burgeoning talent exhibiting,” she says. After some consultation with the NotFair curators, Sam Leach, Ashley Crawford and Tony Lloyd, Bogdan finally settled on two highly disparate but clearly vibrant and emerging artists for the space: Liss Fenwick and Ash Coates.

Timed to coincide with the 2022 Melbourne Art air, the result is a multi-media, phantasmagoric explosion of painting, photography and video-projection that touches upon the environment, science, history and mythology by two of Australia’s most exciting emerging artists.

Ash Coates installation view

Liss Fenwick installation view