Nathalie Dumont —Terra Technicolour

Nathalie Dumont —Terra Technicolour
15/05/2024 admin

Nathalie Dumont’s debut fibre-art exhibition ‘TERRA TECHNICOLOUR’ is a feast for the senses; an exploration of colour, texture and the impact our built world is having on our collective wellbeing.

Step into a world of dynamic interplay between vibrancy, texture and connection to place in Nathalie Dumont’s debut solo exhibition ‘Terra Technicolour’.
Informed by her experiences in New York and Melbourne, along with her architectural background, Dumont’s new collection of bold, evocative fibre-art pieces explores the transformative power of colour on our emotional state, particularly its ability to stimulate dopamine and therefore enhance our general state of being.
The exploration within this body of work served as a catalyst for a larger inquiry into how our surroundingsinfluence our psychological health and communal vitality. As urban dwellers increasingly inhabit spaces dominated by industrial materials and a desaturated colour scheme, the question arises; What impact does the neutralisation of built environmental colours have on our collective wellbeing? Nathalie’s method, a contemporary reinterpretation of tapestry making, involves meticulously wrapping each canvas with threads of cotton. From a distance, these compositions appear as seamless, painted-like colour planes, while up close, they offer an intricate synergy of texture and fine detail. “I have always been fascinated by our relationship to place, especially those in which we live and work. How these environments, well designed or not, can effect our wellbeing and state of mind. Through my works, my intention is to infuse these spaces of daily ritual with a sense of vitality and energy.”

“I see my work more like an abstract painting rather than thousands of threads of cotton. Even though up close you can see the meticulous detail, from afar you it appears as if to be hard edge painting.”

“My wrapping technique is incredibly repetitive, which for my mind is a beautiful, relaxing thing. It’s my form of meditation, where I am able to quieten the world around me and focus on the present moment.”

Nathalie’s debut exhibition TERRA TECHNICOLOUR
opens Thursday May 16th 6-8pm and runs until
Monday May 20th at The Lennox

Download: PressRelease_TerraTechnicolour